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February 8, 2012 by Joseph Chandler Cain


5.0 out of 5 stars   One of My Favorites,   February 6, 2012


Anastasia Pergakis (Columbus, GA) -
This review is from: Freerunners (Kindle Edition)


I have to admit that when I first read the description for this story and saw the words “zombie plague” I was leary of reading it. I’m not a fan of zombies. However, I gave it chance because of the dystopian/science fiction elements that appeared to be in the story as well.

I was not disappointed. While I can get sucked into a story and thoroughly enjoy the read – and want to read it again and again – it is rare that a book makes me cry – big fat tears. Yes. A zombie story made me cry like a baby.

My attention was immediately snatched from the first page and the story didn’t let go until the end. The reader is immediately immersed into this dystopian world of government lies, conspiracies, and fear. The suspense rolled over me page after page and I couldn’t wait to see what would happen to the Freerunners next – the group of young people who fought against the oppression of the High Council and the Overlanders.

With the animal-like Posessors and the somewhat brain dead Less Thans, the fight for the Freerunners hits them on all sides – above and below. The Overlanders are watching their every move, and the Posessors are simply trying to eat them.

I honestly would recommend this book to anyone – not just dytopian or science fiction or zombie fans. This book is simply amazing and I have no complaints or negative thoughts about it. I was blown away and like I said before, I cried big tears at the end because of the horrors and determination of the characters to win. Very powerful and emotional ending.

The ending seems to be set up perfectly for a sequel and I do hope there is one. I will read the story just because Mr. Cain wrote it, and just because it’s a Freerunners story. Mr. Cain made me fall in love with a zombie story and I want more!

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  1. brady beckerman says:

    I am amazed. This five-star novel is worthy of every award. It is definitely one of my favorites! Soon Mr. Cain will take his spot next the many great authors of the day. Mark Twain, C.S Lewis, and J.K Rowling are waiting! He just needs the publicity in which he most definitely deserves. I am waiting happily but anxiously for the next of the trilogy to emerge from the wonderfully creative mind of Mr. Joseph Chandler Cain.

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